Terrible Two’s?

So my daughter is now two and a half? People would always warn me how terrible they were, but they would always say it so nonchalantly! They could have given me a better warning, like a book, or manual, or even therapy options! They could have simply said that having a two-year old would drive a non-drinking person, such as myself, to drinking. Although I have yet to partake in any alcoholic activities, I must say that the temptation is getting harder to resist! She is sweet as pie most times; “Mommy I love you” or “Mommy I missed you today”! She smacked her teeth at me last week and I almost lost it! Really?? I had to remind myself that she was two and not 22, so I had to pull back. All the older people in my family say that she has been here before and I whole heartedly believe it! When someone asks how old she is I tell them “she is two going on 52”. She almost reminds me of Sophia from the Golden Girls, and just as snappy!! She is so quick with her comebacks when you tell her to do something, you’d think you were talking to a miniature adult. I can’t even understand what she is saying half the time but I know it is serious because her hands are moving and her neck is rolling! “WTF?”…”did she just”…”wait a minute”…can’t ever get a full sentence out of me when that happens.  “Terrible two’s” they say…I say “God AWFUL two’s”. If this is a precursor to the puberty stage..one of us might not make it!